During this artice, I explain you how you can earn money by reselling Fiverr gigs on freelancing websites. This method is extremely simple and based on a principle that is as old as human beings: selling something for more than you bought it. You will look for amazing Fiverr gigs that deliver quality products, ask the sellers for permission to advertise with their portfolio and then resell the gig to employers looking for these kind of work on freelancing websites such as oDesk, Elance and Freelancer.

Investment needed: $5 for a Fiverr gig
Working hours: 1-2h for contacting employers
Earning possibilities: Between $25 and $50 per sale
Skills needed: None! Perfect for newbies



1. Find a good Fiverr gig


In case you don’t know Fiverr, it is a website where people do things for $5. There is a lot of useless bullshit (“I will heal your illness over the internet for $5”). However, there are also some very talented people (designers, programmers, video editors) who sell their skills under value. We are going to use these people’s offers and help them selling while we are making cash. These kind of offers are called “gigs” on Fiverr.


At first, you need to find a Fiverr gig with a fast turnaround time and a lot of positive reviews. The category of the gig should be something technical. Here are categories that do fine with this method:

  • Logo Design
  • Illustration
  • Ebook Covers
  • Photoshopping
  • Business Cards
  • Banners & Headers
  • Flyers & Brochures
  • Online Marketing
  • Video Editing
  • PSD to HTML
  • Programming
  • Jingles

I used the category Logo Design in the past so I will choose this as example for the following steps. However, it is working with all other categories, too.

Click on the category you want to use and filter by “High Rating”.


Click on a gig that appeals to your eye. Look at the profile and make sure the gig has:

  • Turnaround time of maximum 7 days
  • Mainly positive reviews
  • A great looking portfolio

Search until you find a gig you would order yourself. After you found one, you need to register an account at Fiverr and ask the seller for permission to use his/her examples of work. In the case of logos, it will be pictures of logos designed for other clients or exclusively for the portfolio.

2. Ask the gig seller for permission

When contacting employers on freelancing sites, you need to show them some previous work you did (or in this case the gig owner did). However, for copyright reasons you can’t just simply steal pictures from the seller’s portfolio. You have to ask if he minds using them in this way. Some people won’t agree and others will be completely fine, as they understand you are actually helping them to make more money. Check out an example of such a message here:

Dear seller’s name,

I just found your gig for logo designing and I must say your work looks stunning.

I know a website where a lot of people are looking for high quality logos like yours. I would love to help you to get even more orders to your gig. To make it short: I would like to resell your gig on this website! Here is the deal: I will show some examples of your work to the clients. They will want me to create such a logo. I buy your gig here on Fiverr, you create the logo and I send them the outcome.

You’ll get more orders, however, you don’t need to spend more time. Nothing would change for you. I don’t want to hurt your copyrights and therefore I ask you for permission to show examples of your work to my clients and resell your gig to them.

Please let me know if this is okay for you.

Best Regards,
Your name

When you got the okay it’s time to look for people who are looking for this kind of service.

3. Contact employers on freelancing websites

You found the gig and got the permission to use pictures of the work done by the gig author. Time to find people who are looking exactly for what we can offer. In this example, logo designs.

3.1 Register at freelancing websites

You should register an account at the main freelancing sites to find a large number of employers.

Register an account at oDesk, Elance and Freelancer.

Make your profiles look professional and include the examples of work of the Fiverr gig you want to resell.

3.2 Find people looking for the service the Fiverr gig offers

After registering an account, it’s time to apply to people who are looking for what the gig offers. If you decided for logo design like I did, the right category is:


Find Work > Find Jobs > Edit My Categories > Tick Logo Design > Save Categories




Find Work > Search Jobs > Design & Multimedia > Tick Logos



Browse Projects > Browse Categories > Design, Media & Architecture > Logo Design



3.3 Apply to the jobs

You should have found people looking for what the Fiverr gig can offer. All the freelancing sites require an application and the job poster will select the person he thinks is the best for this price. Make sure you show them the portfolio of previous work experience! I wouldn’t tell them that I am reselling from Fiverr (obviously) but I also wouldn’t lie to them (“I have been studying design for 15 years blabla”). You can check an example application below:

Dear Hiring Manager,

I offer high quality logo designs to all of my customers. The style of my logos is always “clean and modern”. You can see examples of previously designed logos in my portfolio.

I understand that you are looking for a new logo in the format 100×100 for the website of a lawyer. I know what to consider when creating designs for lawyers: the logo needs to look very professional, not use fancy stockphotos or be filled with a lot of different colors. I can create a professional looking logo by choosing your preferred colors of green and brown.

I can deliver the logo within the deadline of 10 days. Three free revisions are included in my price of $50. I am available every day during the time of the project to be able to react to your questions and concerns.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,

Your Name

It’s important that you address the job description of the employer. Most freelancers are just copying and pasting their job application to every job. It gives you an advantage if you include information only a person who actually read the job description could know.

I have hired from these freelancing sites myself, so I understand both positions. I can tell you from the point of view of an employer it is a big advantage if you know the freelancer has actually read and understood your job description.

Include the amount of revisions the Fiverr seller offers. The employer must know that you only offer a few revisions and can’t revise dozens of times.

Check the Fiverr sellers delivery time. If the employer needs the logo in the next two days, but the Fiverr seller has a delivery time of 7 days you shouldn’t apply to the job. You need to have some buffer time. The worst case is that your Fiverr seller can’t deliver on time or in near future, then you need to have enough time to offer another gig (preferably a so-called Express gig that delivers within 24 hours).

4. Choose a pricing

Most freelancing sites allow you to mention a price you want to have for the job. This should be in the budget range mentioned by the employer. We don’t have much work with this method so we can offer a quite low pricing.

However, you have to be careful. One could think that as we are only paying $5 we can sell for $10 and still make profit. In reality, this is not a good calculation. What if the gig seller needs longer than thought and the deadline of the employer approaches? What if the gig seller suddenly closes the gig? Also, this calculation ignores the fees of the freelancing website.

I recommend to do another calculation. I look for a similar gig that offers an Express option. Those gigs are usually a bit more expensive. The worst case is that I have to buy such an Express gig by another provider if the actual provider fails to deliver.


Therefore, the actual calculation is:

$5 for the gig + costs for an Express gig + freelancing sites fee + payment provider fees (PayPal etc.) + reward for you = what you should charge the employer

When I used this method, I mostly charged between $30 and $60 per logo. I never needed the Express gig, however, I prefer being on the safe side.

5. An employer wants you for the job

Apply again and again, it will work at some point and an employer wants to hire you for creating a logo. The only thing you have to do then is to order the Fiverr gig, copy and paste the employer’s instructions, wait for the result and deliver it to the employer.

You can also outsource support to the Fiverr seller by copying and pasting the employer’s questions to the Fiverr seller and letting him answer. This is not lazy, but intelligent 😀

I’ve written above that I used this method in the past but don’t use it anymore today. However, of course I checked for my dear readers if it still works before writing this article. It did:


$25 profit for a few minutes of work, isn’t that awesome?


  • Find a great Fiverr gig in a technical category
  • Ask the gig sellers for permission to use their portfolio
  • Register at freelancing websites
  • Apply to jobs the gig can fulfill
  • Choose a good price
  • Get hired
  • Buy the gig, deliver the result
  • Get paid and repeat from the start!

I love this method because it’s simple and effective. It can be done by everyone, even by newbies who never earned money online before. What’s your opinion?


Fiverr – for Android

Fiverr – for iOS

OK, so—you’re reading this report because you want to buy Instagram followers.  That is totally valid and something I have done many times, both for myself and for clients.  I have also bought Twitter followers, YouTube views/ likes, Facebook fans, and even MySpace friends.   Basically you name it, I’ve tried it.  I know what works, what you should avoid, and what is going to get you into trouble.

Who am I?   I actually own a website development/ SEO agency.   I have been doing this work for 5 years, and I provide these services mostly to high-end corporate and celebrity clients.   That is why I am writing this report anonymously.  I wanted to share some of the “tricks of the trade” that agency people use, but I obviously don’t want to get myself or any of my clients in hot water.  So, under this cloak of anonymity, I am going to give you some of my best secrets.

That is why I’m happy to bring you this guide and others like it, so that you can avoid the pitfalls of buying social media numbers.   As you might expect from a guide like this, I have to warn you:  almost all of these techniques violate the terms of service of the companies, so be careful, and don’t be heartbroken if you get one of your accounts banned.

I really hope you’re going to read this whole article, but if you don’t, my recommendation is that you use FIVERR to buy your Instagram followers.  I have a special method of searching that is really helpful, so be sure to read all the way down!

Here are some reasons why you might want to buy some followers, either on Instagram, on Twitter, or any other social media platform.

n  You want to “tweak” your account, meaning getting some momentum on it so you start getting more followers organically.   Obviously the best way to get more followers is to put out great content and interact with other Instagram users, but if you don’t have that kind of time, one way around that initial outlay of work is to buy some followers and get them engaged.   This strategy has been used by major corporations, celebrities, designers, authors—basically you name it, I’ve helped them buy followers to make their accounts look bigger and more active.

n  You just want your account to look bigger.  Whether it’s for a big potential client meeting or to impress your friends, there is something to be said for having a large number of followers.  Most people will not even suspect that you bought these followers, so they will figure that you are a force to be reckoned with (which of course you are) or that you really know what you’re doing when it comes to social media (which of course you do).

Whatever reason is fine.      I just want to help you accomplish your goal of increased Instagram followers without getting into trouble or having some nefarious foreign internet person get ahold of your account information.

When you search the internet for “Buy Instagram Followers,” you probably turned up some results like this:


It’s awesome that people are ambitious and start companies like this.  However, I would never NEVER buy followers from them.

Here’s why I never buy followers from any of these companies (or really, any company that was just an “independent” type of enterprise:

  1. Selling/ buying Instagram followers is technically against Instagram’s terms of service.  All of these companies are totally based around doing something “black hat,” which means they are already skirting the rules.  I would never, NEVER give my credit card information to a company that is totally based around rule-breaking.   Not a great idea.   If you want to break the rules, do it in a controlled environment, I say.
  2. No Recourse.   If you give one of these companies your money and they don’t deliver on their promise of followers, what are you going to do about it?   There is really no Better Business Bureau for black-hat internet / social media services.  You are really on your own here.
  3. No Guarantees.    Frankly, there is no guarantee any of these providers are even going to be there tomorrow.  When they go out of business, they might very well take all of your followers with them.
  4. No Communication.  If you’ll notice, most (if not all) of these services have descriptive text on their websites that is in very poor English.   I have nothing against non-English speakers, but if English is not their first language, it is going to be VERY hard for you to communicate your needs to the provider, and to really guarantee that they are going to keep it discreet.  Do you want them putting your name on their website as a “satisfied client?”  This happened to me once, and I could not get the provider to take down the link.  This ended up being a nightmare, both for me and the client whose account I was augmenting at the time.
  5. Suspicious footprint.   In my experience, companies like these use the same accounts to follow all of their new clients.    Once Instagram identifies these networks, they are more likely to shut them down.  When their accounts go down, your account can go with it.

Just FYI, I also would definitely NOT advise employing a long-term “social media management” service to do this for you.   I think most social media managers are straight-up scammers who are probably not even as smart as you, so save yourself the time and money and just go out and buy some instagram followers yourself.

With all that said, the thing I really recommend to clients is that they use a marketplace called Fiverr to get Instagram followers.   I have a couple of providers that I recommend, but you also can just do a general search.  I will tell you about both of these shortly.

The reasons I recommend Fiverr for this kind of thing are the following:

— Minimal Risk.  All the gigs on Fiverr cost $5.   No negotiation, no BS, just $5.   If you love the service, use it over and over again.  If you hate it, you only lost $5.

— You control the money, and you have the upper hand.   You buy “gigs” on Fiverr, and the vendor only gets paid when the gig is finished.    The vendor never has your account information, so you don’t have to worry about foreign strangers having your credit card info.

— You are able to research the vendors based on feedback, so you really know what you’re getting into before you hit the “Buy” button.   Fiverr is very community-based, so bad vendors get weeded out quickly.

You can actually get a ton of good services for your business on Fiverr (like logos and one-off design projects), and as you’ll see, there are also gigs ranging from animation to voiceover to psychic readings and everything in between.  You might find that you love Fiverr (like I do!) and use it for many different things.

Here’s how to get a Fiverr account, if you don’t already have one:

Fiverr – for Android

Fiverr – for iOS

  1. Go over to Fiverr.  It looks like this:



2.   Click the “Join” button in the upper right hand corner.



3.   Pick a pen name for your Fiverr account that is separate from your own name, like “CatLady24.”  
Important:  DO NOT use your Facebook or Google + account to start your Fiverr account.  One important part of this process is that you putting some distance between your Instagram account and the actual act of buying followers, because if everyone in your social circles knew you were buying them, that would defeat the purpose of growing the number.


4.  Once you’ve confirmed your account, go into the Fiverr marketplace and search for “Instagram” or “Instagram Followers.”



5.   SUPER IMPORTANT:   Click the “High Rating” button so that you are looking at the providers with the highest ratings.   The default screen is “Recommended,” which vendors are able to pay for.   Vendors can’t pay for good ratings, so clicking “High Ranking” will get you only the originally highest-rated vendors.  As I mentioned, Fiverr is a very active community with tons of ratings, so you will be able to spot a bad vendor and avoid them.


Here are two things to look for in a vendor:

  1. I like to only buy gigs from vendors with more than 100 ratings.  This gives the vendor time to do some “trial and error” on the gig and get some feedback.
  2. Make sure the total number of reviews for the gig has at least a 90% overall rating.


With the criteria that we want to buy Instagram followers, we want a vendor who has more than 100 reviews, plus we want the total reviews to be above 90%, this leaves us with two promising providers.

6This person’s username is garg123, in case you want to search for them.

As you’ll notice, this gig follows both of my rules—it has been purchased by 160 buyers, and it has a 99% positive rating.   It also has express delivery, which is nice.

Here is another gig I have also used.

7   This guy’s username is “instaexpert,” in case you want to search for him.


This one is better for sheer numbers (i.e. to make a brand-new account look more legit).  This gig has been completed 551 times and has a 94% rating, which is still pretty good considering that kind of volume.  I do know for a fact that these followers are “empties,” meaning this guy just owns a bunch of fake profiles and is going to use them to follow your account.   This means there is a high likelihood that your numbers are going to drop back down.   If you need to bulk up your following for a big meeting, though, this gig is great.


Set Your Expectations


Paid Followers Usually Have Limited Interaction

When you buy followers on any kind of social media, you are mostly just going for larger numbers (to reinforce credibility/ to get the ball rolling on your social media).  With that in mind, you should lower your expectations of how much these new followers are going to actually interact.     In fact, if you want your Instagram account to look “organic,” like it’s getting a ton of followers and likes, you might want to buy more than one Fiverr gig.

What we hope is that your content is so engaging and/ or your product is so awesome, it just takes a couple of these type of gigs to get people to notice you and for your Instagram account to start catching on for real, so you won’t need to keep buying followers.

Account Suspension

This is unlikely to happen (especially if you cover your tracks using trusted, highly-rated Fiverr providers), but every once in awhile, Instagram puts the pieces together and starts banning/ deleting the accounts of people who have paid followers.     If this does happen to you, I would recommend AGAINST trying to get the account back.   This is usually a waste of time.  After all, this is a free service, and you did technically violate their terms, so you might not have a very good argument for them to reinstate your account.    In cases like this, I recommend filing ONE request for reinstatement of the account in question, then using a different email to start a totally new account.   Name it something roughly similar to what your account was named, re-populate it with the same photos, buy some more followers, and you’re good to go.   Just make sure you change the links on places like your website over to the new account.   Don’t let it get you down, but realize that it can be a risk.

And with that, go forth and buy followers!



Messaging apps are a great way for friends and family to stay connected with one another, especially if you happen to be in a situation in which you have WiFi but don’t have cell phone service. If you’re going contacting others, you might as well get paid for it, and that’s what WowApp is for.

What Is WowApp?

WowApp is a free mobile app available for both iOS and Android devices with the mission of helping everyone earn cash from activities that they currently do for free. Originally developed in Romania, it has currently become a popular item among local celebrities, quickly spreading to other countries.

WowApp gets paid by displaying ads when you open a new message. These ads are non-intrusive, and you get paid whether you click on them or not. Your earnings are updated in real-time so you can always find out how much you’ve earned. When it comes time to cash out, you can decide whether to receive money in the form of Bitcoin or a direct deposit to PayPal. You can also donate to a charity of your choice.

WowApp rewards you by having more friends that you connect with and each time you connect with someone. Therefore, the more people that you have in your WowApp network, the more money you’re going to make. Here are the current features that WowApp offers:

  • 100% free calls and messages to other WowApp users
  • Video Chat
  • Synchronization between mobile and desktop devices
  • Emoticons and emojis
  • Private Mode – Send images and photos that don’t get archived on the WowApp server
  • Use WowCoins to earn cash or donate to charity
  • Private and group conversations with the ability to video chat

Convince Your Friends To Use WowApp

Instead of continuing to send text messages and using other messaging apps, I’ve made it a personal goal to spread the word about WowApp. I want to get paid for doing something that I already do without any extra work, so I convince you to try and do the same so we can all benefit. If you’d like to add me as a contact on WowApp, my username is chefcash.

How Do I Get Started With WowApp?

It is somewhat a lengthy process to get started with WowApp, but we’re here to walk you through the process in just 7 easy steps. We’re only going to cover how to set it up on your desktop device, but it works almost the exactly the same way if you decide to solely install it on your cell phone.

1. Get invited. In order to join WowApp, you need to be invited. You can use our invite link here, and you’ll automatically have me on your friends list. Feel free to reach out! Click on the “Join Chef On WowApp” button and create a username and password.


2. Install. Once you create an account, you’ll be redirected to a page with download links for your device. You’ll also need to verify your email in order to get paid.



3. Log-in. Log-in using your email address and you can quickly view your current earnings and invite friends. You can start sending messages at no cost and get paid for it!


4. Adjust settings. If for whatever reason you want to disable advertisements but want to keep using WowApp, you can log-in to their webpage and turn them off. All ads are automatically enabled when you first enroll.


5. Cash out. You earn cash in the power of Wow Coins. 100 Wow Coins is equal to $1 USD. You can cash out to your bank account, Bitcoin Wallet, PayPal, debit card, or donate to charity.


6. Make phone calls. You can even make phone calls internationally or to local and mobile phones. If you choose to participate in this option, you will need to add credit to your account beforehand, or you can simply use the cash that you’ve earned through WowApp. You can view their rates on their website.


7. Invite your friends. The more people you invite and connect with on WowApp, the more money you’re going to make. There is commission structure that pays you from the friends you invite as well as your friends’ friends (more details below). When you grow your network, you can also level up in feathers. The color represents the size of your network. These feathers currently serve no meaning other than recognition.


How Much Can I Expect To Earn With WowApp?

As mentioned above, you earn cash in the form of Wow Coins with 100 Wow Coins being equivalent to $1 US Dollar. Earnings are always kept up-to-date in real-time and can be used to cash out or to purchase calling products such as long-distance calls or virtual numbers. Messages and phone calls to other Wow App users are 100% free.


You need a minimum of 100 Wow Coins in your account before you can redeem them, with an exception of donating to charity that only requires 10 Wow Coins. Here are the current ways in which you can receive coins:

  • Seeing and Clicking Ads
  • Making Paid Calls
  • Purchasing Virtual Numbers

WowApp has a designated amount of coins that you receive based on whatever activity you participate in, but this amount has not been shared with us. However, the best way to increase your earnings is by inviting more friends. This will cause you to connect with more people, thus give you the opportunity to view more ads and earn more cash. You also receive a small amount each time you invite friends and when your friends invite their friends.